Steering Board Positions

Here are the positions which need to be filled at the December 10th meeting. Some of the current officers are willing to serve another year, while others are finishing up their year or years of service. If you?re interested in serving, just come to the meeting to express your interest!

Please join us on December 8th at 6:30 p.m. on Zoom. The link for the meeting is here.  Meeting ID: 862 7788 2119. Passcode: sober


The Chairperson facilitates the monthly steering board meeting and is the focal point for house activities and concerns.


The Treasurer works closely with the Bookkeeper on financial matters of the House.  This member compiles pertinent financial information and gives a report at each monthly meeting. 

Intergroup Representative 

This member attends monthly Intergroup Steering Board Committee meetings as Uptown’s representative (on the 3rd Tuesday of the month) and compiles a brief report of Intergroup activities to the Uptown Board at each meeting. 

Gopher State/Picnic/Founders Day (open to Chair and Co-Chair)

This chair plans for and organizes the Uptown hospitality suite at Gopher State Roundup in May and Founders Day Roundup in November.  This involves coordinating the activities of the many volunteers who help in setting up the Uptown Suite for Gopher State and arranging for food.  This chair also plans the location, food and activities of the Uptown picnic in September.  


This chair is responsible for gathering information and publishing the Uptown Newsletter each quarter.  This person also maintains the calendar of activities on the bulletin board. There is added responsibility involving the website and/or social media as needed.

General Services Representative 

This member attends the local monthly GSR Committee meetings as a representative of the Uptown Group and compiles and presents a brief report of GSR activities to the Uptown Board at each meeting.  

Open Meeting (open to Chair and Co-Chair)

This position helps organize the monthly open speaker and medallion celebration meeting and select the AA and Al-anon speakers. This is often a 2 year term. 


This person manages literature for the House, maintains an adequate stock of all literature and keeps track of inventories, reports inventory to Bookkeeper monthly.

Group Liaison   

This member communicates with trusted servants of meetings and is the point of contact for meetings that may have questions. They assist with communications that are distributed to squads and help to bring announcements to the different squad meetings


Seeks input, proposes, prioritizes and oversees the improvement of standardized group communications as directed by the Board. They maintain and oversee the House pledge drives throughout the year.  This position looks for new ways that Uptown can better serve it?s members.