AA Meeting Schedule

Uptown Group is no longer offering daily self led meetings at set times as we did during the pandemic as many of our previous regular groups have restarted their in-person meetings at the house again. Please feel free to attend one of these organized regular weekly meetings listed below, and check the schedule often as more are returning every week.



  • 9am Orientation Meeting (Open Meeting)
  • 7pm Step
  • 8pm Big Book (7A)


  • 10:30am Step (1A)
  • 6pm Step (1C)
  • 8pm Step (1I) 


  • 6pm Step (2A)
  • 8pm Step (2B) 


  • 6pm Big Book Study (3E)
  • 6pm Step (3L, room 4)
  • 8pm Step (3A) 


  • 4:15pm Step,
  • 6pm Step (4H/Cookie)
  • 6pm Women’s Meeting (4C, room 3)
  • 7pm Uptown Orientation Meeting 
  • 8pm Meditation Meeting (4B)


  • 10:30am Step (5D)
  • 12:30pm Big Book (12C)
  • 8pm Open Topic (5B)


  • 8am Step (6D)
  • 10am Orientation Meeting (Open Meeting)
  • 8pm Step (6E)
  • 10pm Step (6B)

All AA meetings are Closed Meetings (open only to those ‘with a desire to stop drinking’) unless otherwise noted.

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