Sobriety ‘World Record’!

by Mark H.

I love that fact that no matter how long I have been coming to AA and been sober (32 years this month) I am still hearing new gems of recovery wisdom at meetings.

At the Wednesday 6pm Uptown House meeting this week trusted servant Elizabeth was recognizing sobriety birthdays, and at the end, as is customary, she recognized 24 hours of sobriety, but in a way I have never hear before.

She said, “now let’s hear it for the world’s record: 24 hours!”

This gave me a chuckle because it is so true, but also because I had never heard it before and it came from such young person (20-something).

I love the fact that after 32 years, AA is still keeping it fresh with new thoughts and a touch of humor. Yes, long-term sobriety is great, but it still a one day at a time proposition. One day truly is a world’s record for the person experiencing a day of sobriety for the first time in their using careers. It is also a reminder to those of us with many years of sobriety that today is all we have, today is all that matters and we best remember it! Meeting makers make it!

Calling a single day a ‘world’s record’ is a great way to proclaim a day of sobriety for the newcomer and old timer alike.

Thanks AA, thanks Elizabeth for your wisdom, humor and keeping us coming back, one day at a time!


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