Uptown House Member’s Photo to be Featured in Grapevine’s 2020 Calendar

This photo of a monarch butterfly on a purple cone flower by Earl W., Uptown House treasurer, will be in the Grapevine’s 2020 Calendar.

Earl W., Uptown House Steering Board treasurer, will have one of his photos featured in the 2020 AA Grapevine calendar. His beautiful photo of a monarch butterfly on a purple cone flower, a native wild flower, was one of 12 photos selected to be included in the Grapevine’s 2020 calendar. The Grapevine is AA’s national magazine.

Earl’s love for photography started in his teens and continued with the exception of a five-year period before he found AA and recovery.

“The five years before I found the solution was a very dark time in my life,” Earl said. “I lost my enthusiasm for photography. As I succumbed to the disease of alcoholism, the desire to take pictures left me. I knew the focus it took to be the photographer I wanted to be. I knew it no longer existed within me. Fortunately, I sought help through Hazelden. Through intensive and ongoing work with Alcoholics Anonymous, I found a renewed enthuiasim for the art. I now find time behind the lens to be very spiritual. It is my way of seeking 11th step meditation.”

Earl then noticed the Grapevine magazine was holding a contest for its 2020 calendar and submitted several photos for consideration. He was surprised and humbled to have his monarch butterfly photo selected to be included in the May spot on the calendar.

“I now consider myself more than just a hobby photographer, having had my work published in magazines and showcased in galleries all over the world,” Earl said. “My photography career is now focused on landscape, wildlife and architecture.”


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