Vax’s Speed Up; Uptown Meeting Normalcy on the Horizon

As the vaccine rollout continues, in-person meetings for all ages is on the horizon.

I’m getting my first covid vaccine March 1. That’s great for me, but what this really indicates for the wider AA community, and specifically Uptown House, is meeting normalcy is on the horizon.

Minnesota’s Governor Walz believes 70 percent of wise elders (those 65 and over, including myself) will be vaccinated by the end of March. He said vaccinators can then start vaccinating others. The Johnson and Johnson vaccination will be going into arms soon and the feds are really ramping up production of the other two vaccines and vaccination availability. President Biden believes we’ll be back to something resembling normal by Christmas. Let’s hope.

One of my favoritie AA matras is “This too shall pass.”  Its happening: this miserable, deadly pandemic is finally starting to get its a__ kicked. Once my immunity is complete, about mid-April, I plan on attending in-person meetings at Uptown House. I can’t wait, and I know others will be joining me.

Let’s remember those who have passed or have been injured both physically and mentally by this horrible pandemic. We know there are more victims to come, but I hope there won’t be too many more.

I’ve been told Uptown House has done a good job with social distancing, masking and cleaning during and after in-person meetings. I can’t wait to get back, and I know many others can’t either.

There will be other challenges for the recovery community coming our way in the years to come. There always is. But we can handle it. We stuck together during covid through Zoom meetings and other adaptations and most of us are moving ahead sober, making progress, coping today and looking forward to a better tomorrow.